Rush Rentals

We offer a Rush Rental model to groups and individuals. Rush Rental Agreements offers more flexible access to the Theatre, Lobby and Community Studio on a shorter booking timeline. 

Rush Rentals are subject to our Rental Terms & Conditions as well as:

Rush Rental Fees for the Theatre

The Renter and the Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative split ticket sales evenly. We charge a minimum fee of $55 up to a maximum fee of $250 (after payment of any owed Technician fees), after which all revenue from ticket sales goes to the renter.

  • Revenue split: 50/50
  • Minimum fee: $55
  • Maximum fee: $250
  • The technician fee will be paid from the total door revenue, and therefore shared between both parties.

Rush Rental Fees for the Community Studio And Lobby

Half Day (up to 6 hrs):        Non-member: $60    Member: $40

Full Day:                             Non-member: $100    Member: $75


The renter must hire a Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative technician at $26.50/hr if they intend to make use of any of the theatrical equipment, or provide their own technician with the Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative’s approval. 


Bar service will be provided for any rental in either the Theatre or Lobby when used for the presentation of performing arts.


A Rush Rental cannot be booked further than 21 days in advance. Rush Rentals in the Theatre and Lobby are for single day events only. Rush Rentals in the Community Studio can be made for multiple days.


It is the responsibility of the renter to produce promotional materials. The Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative will share promotional materials provided by the renter at least 14 days prior to the event.

Special accommodations

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative is open to proposals and will consider accommodating special requests on a case by case basis by gauging the following criteria:

  • Likelihood of high bar revenue
  • Inclusion of underrepresented communities or groups
  • Benefit to the Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative membership

Rush Rental Request

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Please include start and end time. Technicians are $26.50 per hour for minimum of 3 hours.